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Lemongrass Artisans wouldn’t be the successful online store it is today without our incredible staff. Each of them is committed to customer service, sharing their expertise on every product we offer. Learn more about our team below.




Living in Thailand for the past 10 years, I fell in love with the beauty and creativity of the Thai people. I would often bring back gifts for family and friends who would then encourage me to get these products out so that the rest of the world can also experience the beautiful workmanship of local Thai crafters. A dream was born. Our hope is that with each purchase, our customers experience a little of the beauty of Thailand.


Head Designer

Rung started making bracelets in ****. Her husband had gotten ill and their family was struggling. Rung started selling her bracelets in the local market and from there her business grew. Today Rung employs over 80 artisans, most of whom live in her small village on the outskirts of Chiang Mai.

Woman Artist


Director of Business Operations

Growing up overseas in Central and Southeast Asia, I experienced the vast differences of lifestyles and cultures. After graduating with my Master's in Administration and Management, I began to look for opportunities to help others experience some of what I was able to in my youth. The vision behind Lemongrass is one of connecting you, our customers, with the creativity and style of SouthEast Asia.

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